The Show

In churches, theaters, and auditoriums around the world, Amazing Truth presents a fast-paced captivating performance of theatrical illusion brought to you by a team of skilled illusionists. The illusions will cause your misperception of reality to collide with God's word. With an engaging selection of illusions, they invite you to step out of the shadows of illusion and into the reality of Jesus Christ's redemption. The message is woven throughout the show, addressing personal and real issues that are relevant to all of us. The show reveals we can be set free only through Jesus Christ.

“The job of an illusionist is to make you see what you don't see, and prevent you from seeing what you do see. My job as a Gospel Illusionist is to help you see what is really important and encounter the reality of Jesus Christ's power in your life because salvation is no illusion.” (Mike Puckett, Gospel Illusionist).


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